Why is the Development of Housing Societies Slow

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Why is the Development of Housing Societies Slow? Throughout the history of Pakistan, we have seen many newly emerging housing societies. What does a housing society mean when the idea of living is just having land and then constructing a home over it?


The term Housing Society is a whole dream packed inside this one term. The developers feed the idea to the people that they will be able to live a contemporary life with high living standards provided with all the amenities there are.

It invites people to select open plots for their future housing. This whole thing has made these gated communities a magnetic force that attracts great masses toward them, giving an economic push to the country.

But what about the slow development that comes with it? This is an underlying issue faced by many investors and end-users, leaving them with one of the most critical questions: “Why is the Development of Housing Societies Slow? Is it a Delay tactic or something else?

Though there is no specific answer to this question, every emerging gated community faces its issues. But we can still rule out some possible reasons that hinder the fast development of these communities.

4 Reasons Why is the Development of Housing Societies Slow

According to the research and survey data, Property051 has found 4 fact-based top reasons because of which the end-users can face this issue of slow development. Let us have a look at those.

1. Development Starts after a Certain Number of Files are Sold

Any housing scheme starts construction once it has sold out a certain number of property files to investors and end-users. Who would develop an empty land if no people were aspiring to live there?

Every emerging society has a goal they are willing to achieve before laying down the whole infrastructure. And that goal is the sale of a maximum number of files to those interested in the project.

2. Installments are Not Paid

One of the main reasons why we suffer from delayed development is installment money is not paid. It is widely observed that many people do purchase the plot files yet need to pay their installments properly to gain complete acquisition.

A gated community needs proper money to develop such a large-scale project. And when the developers face such delays in receiving the installments, they use these tactics.

Since the money ledgers still need to be updated, the developers use such tactics to wait until people pay their installments. They wait until people are timely paying the money for their land acquisition.

3. Defined Budget is Required

Many gated communities suffer from slow-paced advancement in their development because they have not set a defined budget. Constructing a single home and developing a whole community are two different things.

Developers must set a defined budget, after which they will start working on residential projects. It leads project delays are the money falls short for the required projects. One critical strategy that every owner of society must apply when dealing in mega-projects.

A defined budget allows proper deliverance of the services per the gated community’s advancements. After this, they should proceed towards balloting society to ensure everything proceeds properly. It will enable the project to flourish by leaps and bounds without delays.

4. Construction of Unnecessary Site Projects

The biggest mistake developers must correct is constructing unnecessary site projects like offices, billboards, etc., which are useless. It leads to a waste of funds and does not attracts investors and end-users for investments and plot purchasing.

The best way to utilise the investment money is that owners should lay out the infrastructure of parks, roads, and national-level monuments that will attract the masses. This strategy allows people to know that there is proper access in this society.

The developers should construct a detailed road network infrastructure to give buyers easy entry to their plots.

Final Words

With rising inflation, construction costs have also drastically increased. Developing a whole society that is a large-scale project requires patience and innovative strategies. The owners must understand that every step requires critical analysis before proceeding with the development.

Though some might think that the slow construction of society is an underhand tactic, this is not always the truth. Many underlying reasons lead to delayed construction, and 4 major reasons are briefly discussed in this blog.

We at Property051, hope that we were able to satisfy the undying curiosity of your mind behind this critical question, “Why is the Development of Housing Societies Slow?” We are dedicated to providing authentic information to our end-users to understand better how the real estate industry works.


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