Tourism, Hotel, and Hospitality Group in Pakistan

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Tourism, Hotel, and Hospitality Group in Pakistan

Hospitality groups in Pakistan are ofen underestimaed due to the influence of local market. From the Landscapes of the Karakorum in the North to the vast Indus River in the South, Pakistan remains a land of high adventure and nature. Trekking, mountaineering, white water rafting, wild boar hunting, mountain and desert jeep safaris, camel and yak safaris, trout fishing, and bird watching, are a few activities, which entice adventure and nature lovers to Pakistan.

Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism is a focused area of the present government in Pakistan. Several initiatives are being undertaken to garner the potential offered by the tourism industry. With tourism increasing in a country, one should also be ready for a dying need of the Hospitality industry which provides comfortable stays to the tourists.

How does tourism impact the economy in Pakistan?

According to a recent study, the tourism industry in Pakistan generated approximately 19.5 billion in revenue in 2023, which represents approximately 4% of the country’s GDP. This revenue is generated through various channels, including travel and tourism services, accommodation, food and beverage, and souvenir sales.

Importance of Hotels and Hospitality Industry in Pakistan:

Hospitality means offering a warm welcome to guests or travelers away from home. Pakistan has recently emerged as an important investment destination for new hotel development. Hotels in Pakistan are witnessing a substantial increase in growth, both in terms of occupancy and average rate, and this trend is expected to continue.

International hotel chains in Pakistan

International hotel chains are always considered to capture more business as compared to domestic hotel brands which makes it a challenging task for the local hotels to compete in the growing economies. With the rise of tourism and the growth of the hospitality sector in Pakistan, a lot of International chains are showing their trust in Pakistan. Some of the chains are:

  • Golden Tulip: The second-largest hospitality chain in the world which comes under the umbrella of Louvre Group. Louvre group in 2009 became part of JIN JIANG GALAXY.
  • Royal Swiss: Royal Swiss is Europe’s second-largest hospitality group which owns our 24k rooms around the world.
  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts: Hilton is an American multinational hospitality company that manages a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts.
  • Radisson BLU: Radisson BLU is an international chain of upscale hotels. It was based in the United States and Belgium. It is also one of the most famous and largest hospitality groups.
  • Marriot Hotels: Marriot is an American brand that is 58 years old. Marriott is the largest hotel chain in the world by the number of available rooms.
  • Wyndham Hotel and Resorts: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is the world’s largest hotel franchising company by the number of properties, with over 8,900 hotels across nearly 95 countries on six continents.

Hospitality group in Pakistan

Many developers in Pakistan are working hard to grow Pakistan economically. One such Group is the J7 Group in Islamabad, established in 2018 J7 has made its pure mark as a biggest hospitality group in Pakistan. With their impressive work in the hospitality sector, the j7 group has gained worldwide trust. With that trust, J7 Group has brought three international hotel chains to Pakistan. Some of the International Projects of J7 Group are under:

Royal Swiss Islamabad

A 5-star masterpiece in the heart of Islamabad, The Royal Swiss Hotel. The collaboration with Swiss International hotels and resorts, the Royal Swiss Hotel is tailored to elevate hospitality in Pakistan to the next level. The project initiated in 2022 is crafted at an accessible location with just a 10-minute drive from Hakla Interchange CPEC. It is situated at Mumtaz City near the new Islamabad International Airport.

Golden Tulip Islamabad

Golden Tulip, is an international hotel chain with a legacy dating back to 1960. It is Europe’s second largest hospitality chain which comes under the umbrella of Louvre Group. Golden Tulip has over 13M royalty members. It has a great history of elegance and comfortable stays.  Situated at a very accessible location, which is a 5-minute drive from the new Islamabad International Airport and 2 km from the main M1 and M2 motorway. Golden Tulip is a very reliable brand to invest in.

Radisson BLU Hotels and Resorts Islamabad

Radisson BLU is Europe’s largest and renowned hospitality chain which has around 1700 plus hotels worldwide and around 27000 plus rooms. Strategically located on the main M1 and M2 motorway, it is a gateway to your effortless travel and comfortable stay. Minutes away from the new Islamabad International Airport, Radisson BLU is one project to look out for.


Besides the International Hotel Projects, J7 Group is also going to introduce its signature brand

J7 Signature Hotel

Situated in the perfect location of Top City Islamabad, The Signature Hotels Islamabad upholds first-class superior hotel standards. J7 Signature is offering a unique blend of 5-star facilities and unparalleled investment potential. This brand will become the face of J7 Group in the future.

Opportunity to be a partner with International Brands:

Investing in hotel suites often provides the opportunity to be a partner with upscale hospitality brands like Radisson and Royal Swiss. Aligning with reputable hotel chains can enhance the investment’s value. These brands are associated with quality and attract a large number of clients. The prestige of a well-known brand can contribute to the suite’s occupancy rates.

Best ROI on Hotel Suite Investment

While stable income is a primary consideration, investors should not overlook the potential for capital appreciation. As the hotel’s value increases over time, so does the value of the individual suites. This dual benefit of steady income and potential appreciation makes hotel suite investments an attractive option for those seeking both short-term returns and long-term growth. One of the main advantages of investing in a hotel suite is that once you lease your property to the operator you will get a guaranteed rental income. Another beneficial thing is that you will get proper appreciation yearly.

So you have seen the trend of growing tourism in Pakistan, and by that, there is also an increase in the need for the hospitality sector to grow. J7 Group is doing one heck of a one in this sector. This must also encourage you to invest your hard-earned money in the right place. With that we also hope that the other hospitality groups in Pakistan must also grow and make an impact.


Why hotel suite investments are better than traditional investments?

The demand for investing in hotel rooms is steadily growing every year at a quicker pace due to tourism in Pakistan. Today, many people are preferring to invest in fully serviced hotel rooms than the traditional ones. Many are choosing this type of investment because of its hassle-free way of earning income. Also, many investors are realizing that serviced hotel rooms are becoming the top choice for business people and travelers to stay at. So if you’re thinking of investing in this business and buying a property to give out for rent, consider investing in hotel apartments over the traditional residential ones.

What is ROI in the hotel industry?

Hotel investment is the act of spending money on a hotel to make money from a hotel. The aim is to generate a hotel return on investment (or hotel ROI); money that you can either reinvest in the business or extract as profit.

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