Randhawa, the Chairman of CDA, actively involves himself in the progress of Islamabad.

According to a news report on the 11th, Muhammad Ali Randhawa, the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), conducted a tour of all the developmental projects in Islamabad.


During his tour, Chairman Randhawa dug into the specifics of several projects, including Iran Avenue, Margalla Avenue, Margalla Avenue Extension, and 10th Avenue. His primary focus was to ensure the expeditious completion of maintenance tasks, thorough landscaping endeavors, and the prudent management of financial resources.

At Iran Avenue, he assessed the condition of the median strips and surrounding greenery, also advocating for visual improvements to the installed light poles. His scrutiny extended beyond a cursory examination.

Chairman Randhawa received thorough briefings on the Iran Avenue project, highlighting its extensive stretch of 5.8 kilometers with dual carriageways on both sides. Initially allocated at PKR 3.9 billion, current efforts are focused on optimizing expenses to achieve a revised completion cost of PKR 3.5 billion.

Looking ahead, Chairman Randhawa shifted his focus to Margalla Avenue, where the final phases of maintenance activities are nearing completion. This project, extending over approximately 10.5 kilometers with dual carriageways, is expected to finish within the allocated budget of PKR 2.6 billion. Additionally, Chairman Randhawa personally assessed the Margalla Avenue Extension from GT Road to M-I, which covers a 3.5-kilometer segment with dual carriageways and interchanges. Projections suggest that this project will be completed within the estimated budget of PKR 3.6 billion.

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