Successful Events

At Pin92, our events are more than just gatherings – they are memorable experiences that inspire, educate, and bring together the real estate community. Over the years, we have successfully hosted a range of events that have left indelible marks on the industry.

Safer Together

Our COVID-19 response

In this difficult time, the safety of our employees and trade partners on our project sites is our most important priority. We have implemented strict protocols and standard operating procedures on jobsites and are following Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. On all our jobsites, we are fostering open dialogue and encouraging trade partners to communicate all safety concerns to their foremen so they can be immediately addressed.

Annual Real Estate Summit

Our Annual Real Estate Summit has become a landmark event, drawing industry leaders, investors, and enthusiasts from across the country. With powerful keynote speakers, insightful panel discussions, and networking opportunities, these summits have become platforms for innovative thinking and strategic partnerships

Sustainable Development Workshops

As part of our commitment to sustainable real estate development, we have hosted a series of workshops that educate participants on the latest green building practices and technologies. These events have helped to promote sustainability in our industry and drive the adoption of eco-friendly practices

Property Showcases

Our exclusive property showcases have been instrumental in marketing our most prestigious developments. With carefully curated experiences and guided tours, these events allow potential investors and buyers to witness firsthand the exceptional quality and innovation that define our properties

Investor Meetings

Our regular investor meetings are key events that provide our stakeholders with transparent updates on our projects, financial performance, and strategic plans. These sessions have played a crucial role in building trust and maintaining strong relationships with our investors

Community Outreach Events

At Pin92, we believe in giving back to the community. We have organized several community outreach events, including charity runs, local clean-ups, and education drives, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and social responsibility within our team and beyond

Virtual Property Tours

Embracing the digital age, we have pioneered virtual property tours, bringing our real estate offerings to a global audience. These online events have transformed how clients explore our properties, resulting in increased reach and engagement


Presidents Safety Award and Excellence in Safety, The Construction Employers’ Association


The Million Work Hours Award (2 Million Hours), The National Safety Council


Occupational Excellence Achievement Award (2020), The National Safety Council