Jadeed Trade Center Islamabad – Symbol of Architectural

Jadeed Trade Center

Experience a paradigm shift in commercial spaces with the Jadeed Trade Center, endorsed by the Capital Development Authority

Witness the Rise of a Landmark

As Islamabad’s skyline continues to evolve, a new symbol of architectural excellence is on the horizon – the Jadeed Trade Center. This towering structure, designed by the esteemed architect Jamshaid Khan, promises to redefine the cityscape with its fusion of glass and steel.

A Project by Jadeed Group of Companies

Behind the Vision

At the helm of this ambitious project is Mr. Jan Mohammad Javaid, the Chairman of Jadeed Group of Companies. His vision and leadership have propelled the Jadeed Trade Center from concept to reality, setting new standards for commercial developments in the capital.

Jadeed Trade Center Islamabad
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A Paradigm Shift in Commercial Spaces

Embracing Innovation

Prepare to experience a paradigm shift in the way we perceive commercial spaces. The Jadeed Trade Center isn’t just another office building; it’s a dynamic hub where cutting-edge facilities redefine the business landscape. From modern offices to upscale retail outlets, every aspect of the center is designed to foster productivity and success.


Endless Possibilities

Step into a world of endless opportunities at the Jadeed Trade Center. Whether you’re a startup looking for a vibrant workspace or a multinational corporation seeking a strategic location, this commercial marvel caters to all. With its prime location near the serene F-9 park, the center offers unparalleled visibility and accessibility.

Strategic Location: Ibn-e-Sina Road, New Blue Area

A Gateway to Success

Situated on Ibn-e-Sina Road in the bustling new blue area, the Jadeed Trade Center enjoys a strategic location that puts it at the heart of Islamabad’s commercial hub. Surrounded by amenities and connectivity, it serves as a gateway to success for businesses of all sizes.

A Vision in Progress

Making Strides

With construction work in full swing, the Jadeed Trade Center is steadily taking shape, inching closer to its grand unveiling. Every day brings new milestones as the building rises higher, reflecting the collective effort and dedication of all involved.

Embrace the Future

Inspiring Progress

As the Jadeed Trade Center emerges as a beacon of progress, it invites us to embrace the future with optimism and determination. With its blend of architectural brilliance and functional design, it is poised to leave an indelible mark on Islamabad’s skyline and inspire generations to come.

Meeting Government Standards

The Jadeed Trade Center stands as a beacon of quality and reliability with its government approval from the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Designed by Jamshaid Khan Architect & Associates

Jadeed Trade Centre, Islamabad Designed by Jamshaid Khan Architect & Associates.

JKAA is a different kind of architecture practice. Founded by Jamshad ahmed khan in 2007, they are an employee-owned firm pursuing a democratic design process that values everyone’s input. More than 150 people in Pakistan, New zealand and UAE providing architecture, interior and urban design services from concept to completion.

Jamshaid Khan
Jamshaid Khan on site jadeed trade center islamabad
Jadeed Trade center Islamabad under construction
Jadeed Trade center Islamabad under construction
Jadeed Trade center Islamabad under construction
Jadeed Trade center Islamabad under construction
Jadeed Trade center Islamabad under construction

Status Under Construction 

Every Day Counts

With each passing day, the Jadeed Trade Center inches closer to its completion, marking significant milestones in its journey from blueprint to reality. As construction progresses at a steady pace, the building begins to take shape, offering a glimpse of the architectural marvel it is destined to become.

A Symbol of Progress

Ultimately, the under-construction progress of the Jadeed Trade Center is not just about erecting a building; it’s about building a legacy. It’s about shaping the future of Islamabad’s skyline and leaving a lasting impression on generations to come. And as the journey continues, we eagerly await the day when the Jadeed Trade Center stands tall as a symbol of progress and prosperity for all.

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