Islamabad’s most safe and Green Sectors

Islamabad, Pakistan

The city of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is nothing short of a wonder. Surrounded by the remarkable Margalla Mountains, Islamabad is a city full of natural beauty. With an increasing amount of tourism, Islamabad is becoming a business hub of Pakistan. Discussing Islamabad’s most safe and Green Sectors, the Capital Territory is divided into 5 zones. From these 5 zones, Zone 1 and Zone 2 have been chosen as Urban Development Zones.

Islamabad’s most safe and Green Sectors

Islamabad is no doubt the safest and the greenest city in Pakistan. has listed Islamabad’s most safe and Green Sectors for you. Let’s discuss these sectors in detail.

Sector E-7 Islamabad

E-7 Islamabad is one of the most elite class and posh sectors in Islamabad. It is undoubtedly one of Islamabad’s most safe and Green Sectors. The sector is situated at the foothills of the stunning Margalla Hills and offers a breathtaking view of the Faisal Masjid.

E-7 Islamabad provides its residents with the safest and most luxurious environment. This sector is also a hot pick for investors. It also provides a lot of food options for the residents.

Best Restaurants in E-7 Islamabad

Some of the food options are:

  • BLT
  • Ginyaki
  • Texas Steak House
  • Café Latte
  • Wild Theme
  • F. Chang’s
  • Café Rustic

Rate of property in E-7 Islamabad

According to, the average selling price of an 800-square-yard house in E-7 Islamabad is around PKR 14 crores, and for a 1000-square-yard house, it’s around PKR 25 crores. Additionally, the rental price for an 800 square yards house is around PKR 500,000, and for a 1000 square yards house, it’s around PKR 800,000. As there are no vacant plots available in the sector, demolishable houses are purchased at around PKR 18 crores to PKR 20 crores. These high costs make it an exciting spot for investors who are looking to buy a house for rental income or to live luxuriously.

Sector F-6 Islamabad

Sector F-6 Islamabad is one of Islamabad’s most safe and Green Sectors. The posh sector is known for its designer labels and luxurious lifestyle, thanks to its meticulously planned development. The area has easy access to schools and hospitals, providing all the necessary amenities for maintaining an affluent lifestyle. A visit to the sector will showcase a delightful blend of contemporary and traditional architecture, accompanied by well-maintained living spaces and beautifully decorated lawns.

Best Restaurants in F-6 Islamabad

Moreover, it has the best options to visit if you are a food lover.

  • El Momento Islamabad
  • Rumba – The Meat Factory
  • Asian Wok
  • Chaayé Khana
  • Mindanos
  • The Smokey Cauldron
  • Khoka Khola
  • Wild Wings
  • Chattha’s
  • Café Biblio

Rate of property in F-6 Islamabad

A newly constructed house with a total area of 400-500 square yards can be purchased for a selling price ranging from PKR 12 crores to PKR 13 crores and rented for PKR 400,000 per month. Additionally, a house with a total area of 1000 square yards is available for a selling price of PKR 25 crores and can be rented for PKR 500,000 to PKR 750,000 per month. In F-6, a demolishable house with a total area of 444 square yards can be purchased for PKR 7 crores to PKR 7.5 crores.

Sector F-7 Islamabad

The F-7 sector in Islamabad is an excellent choice for those who love the vibrancy of city life and appreciate the beauty of nature. Sector F-7 comes in Islamabad’s most safe and Green Sectors. It is located near the picturesque Margalla hills, providing a serene and delightful atmosphere to enjoy. The location is ideal, and the investment return is expected to be high.

It is also centrally located with direct links to Islamabad Expressway and New Islamabad International Airport.

Best Restaurants in F-7 Islamabad

The sector is a commercial hub with all the major restaurants nearby.

  • Howdy
  • Chargrill Centre
  • Sage Cafe & Grill
  • Atrio Cafe
  • Burger Fest
  • Pappasallis
  • Cheezious
  • Burning Brownie
  • Bait Al Arab Mandi
  • Karim’s Cafe
  • Kabul Restaurant
  • Kim Mun
  • Street 1 Cafe
  • Ginyaki
  • Nando’s

Rate of Property in F-7 Islamabad

According to an estimate by, a house measuring 500 square yards for sale in F-7 Islamabad has an average rental cost ranging from PKR 400,000 to PKR 450,000, while the average purchase price is between PKR 1,400,000 and PKR 1,450,000 lacs. Similarly, a house measuring 1000 square yards has an average rental cost ranging from PKR 600,000 to PKR 700,000, while the average purchase price is between PKR 2,300,000 to PKR 2,500,000. Moreover, demolishable houses are available for PKR 11 crores to PKR 11.5 crores.

Sector F-8 Islamabad

F-8 is a beautiful and upscale sector of Islamabad. It is situated parallel to Sector F-7 and is located right in front of Fatima Jinnah Park. F-8 is Islamabad’s most safe and Green Sectors. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) manages the sector and ensures that all construction rules are strictly followed.

With a high geographical advantage, Sector F-8 Islamabad is considered one of the most valued sectors as it is surrounded by major landmarks and well-settled neighborhoods.

Best Restaurants in F-8 Islamabad

Some of the main Restaurants in sector F-8 are as under:

  • Jade Cafe by Chinatown
  • New Yorker Pizza
  • Habibi Restaurant
  • Butt Karahi Tikka
  • Foody Moody
  • Pizza Hut
  • Tayto
  • Rewayat
  • The Monal
  • Chacha jee
  • OPTP
  • Awan Food Restaurant and Caterers
  • La Terrazza
  • Subway
  • Peshawari Shinawari Restaurant
  • Kim Mun
  • Howdy
  • Karachi Biryani and Nihari Center
  • The Burger King

The F-8 sector is known for its high property value due to its excellent infrastructure and facilities. It is divided into four sub-sectors and has a centralized commercial area called “Markaz”. The residents of this sector enjoy a peaceful environment with uninterrupted electricity, gas supply, and continuous water.

Main Attractions in F-8 Islamabad

They also have easy access to various commercial areas, such as grocery stores, vegetable shops, mosques, salons, fitness centers, and financial institutions. The F-8 sector’s unique location provides access to numerous brands and shopping centers in the Blue Area— the commercial hub of the capital. The iconic Centaurus Mall is located right in front of F-8/4, attracting thousands of people from the twin cities with its rich offerings and incredible shopping experience.

Rate of Property in F-8 Islamabad

In Sector F-8, a house of 10 Marla ranges from 6 crores to 8 crores and its rent would be 170k to 250k. Similarly, a house of 1, 2, and 4 kanals ranges between 10-15 crores, 18-25 crores, and 40 to 50 crores respectively. Their rental income will range from 300k to 1300k.

Sector G-5 Islamabad

In the list of Islamabad’s most safe and Green Sectors, sector G-5 is at the top. It comes under the jurisdiction of the Capital Development Authority. It is one of Islamabad’s safest and green sectors. The sector is surrounded by Jinnah Avenue and Pakistan National Council of Arts to the north, Constitution Avenue and National Library of Pakistan to the east, Kashmir Highway and Jinnah Convention Centre to the south, and Ataturk Avenue and Sector G-6 to the west.

Renowned organizations such as Parliament Lodges and Pakistan Engineering Council are located nearby. Various amenities such as Polyclinic Hospital and Government College are situated in this well-established sector.

Best Restaurants in G-5 Islamabad

Fancy restaurants are also located in G-5 Islamabad.

  • Wild Rice Restaurant
  • Zamana Cafe Serena.
  • Sakura Japanese Restaurant
  • Capital Restaurant

Main Attraction in G-5 Islamabad

The biggest attraction at G-5 is its multi-functional sports park named “Sukh chyn”. People of all ages visit this place to freshen themselves up.

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