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Completion Plan

1.5 years




Under Construction

Apna Ghar Affordable Housing Project

Pin92’s Affordable Housing Solution offers modern homes with easy payment plans. Own a 2-bedroom house on a 4-Marla plot in Zamar Valley, Main Srinagar Highway

Affordable Housing Solution, A Project by Pin92

We are pleased to present an exciting opportunity for individuals and families to own a modern, comfortable home through our installment plan scheme. Our project involves the construction and sale of 100 homes on 4 Marla plots, each boasting a single-story layout with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a car porch. With a focus on quality construction and flexible payment options, we aim to provide affordable housing solutions to prospective buyers.

Booking Form

Affordable Housing Solution, A Project by Pin92

Project Details

  • Sale Price: 55 Lac per Unit
  • Plot Size: 4 Marla
  • Covered Area Construction: 850 Sq. Ft
  • House Configuration: Single story, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, car porch
  • Installment Plan Duration: 1.5 years
  • Location: Zamar Valley Main Srinagar Highway
  • Land Status: Plot Registry Intiqal will be provided in 2nd installment.

Installment Plan Details

Advance Payment
30% of the sale price to be paid upfront upon agreement signing.

Installment Payments
Installments over 1.5 years, with 5 Lac payable every three months.

Possession Payment
10% of the sale price to be paid upon possession.

Scope of Project and Benefits for the Middle-Class Population


Affordable Homeownership

The project provides middle-class individuals and families with the opportunity to achieve their dream of homeownership without incurring a significant financial burden. The affordable sale prices and flexible payment plans make homeownership accessible to a broader segment of the population.


Financial Security and Stability

Owning a home provides a sense of financial security and stability for middle-class families. With fixed monthly mortgage payments that are often comparable to or lower than rent, homeownership offers long-term savings and protection against inflation and rising housing costs.


Improved Quality of Life

Living in a well-designed and constructed home in a convenient location enhances the quality of life for middle-class residents. Access to essential amenities, safe neighborhoods, and community facilities contributes to a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle for homeowners and their families.


Asset Appreciation

Real estate has historically been a reliable investment vehicle, with properties often appreciating over time. By investing in a home within the project, middle-class buyers can benefit from potential property appreciation, building equity and wealth for themselves and future generations.


Pride of Ownership

Homeownership instills a sense of pride and accomplishment in individuals and families. It represents a significant milestone in life and provides a tangible symbol of success and stability. Middle-class homeowners can take pride in owning a home that they have worked hard to acquire and maintain.


House Purchase Booking Form


Booking Form Details



The booking form for house purchase costs fifty thousand rupees (PKR 50,000).


Refund Policy

If your name is not selected in the draw for available homes, your booking fee will be fully refunded to you.


Down Payment Adjustment

If your name is drawn in the booking process, the fifty thousand rupees will be adjusted as part of the down payment for the purchased home.


Why a Booking Form?


Fair Allocation

The booking form system ensures fairness by providing an equal chance for every interested buyer to secure a home.



We believe in transparency throughout the home purchasing process. The booking form system allows all participants to see how homes are allocated.

Efficiency: It streamlines the home purchasing process, making it more organized and efficient for both buyers and sellers.


How to Proceed


Fill out the booking form provided.

Submit the booking form along with the fifty thousand rupees booking fee.

Await the draw results. If your name is selected, congratulations!

Your booking fee will be adjusted as part of the down payment for your new home.
If you do not complete the booking process, your booking fee will not be refundable.