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Transforming Real Estate with Advanced Property Intelligence, Sustainable Development, Digital Marketing, and Exceptional Property Management Services. Your Future of Real Estate Begins Here

Discover Pin92, your comprehensive real estate partner. We combine innovative property intelligence, sustainability-focused development, cutting-edge digital marketing, and top-tier property management. Transform your real estate experience with our commitment to future-focused investments, design-build solutions, and remarkable customer service. Choose Pin92, where we redefine the possible in real estate.

Our Focus

Flexible, focused and innovative: we're focused on achieving your project vision and business goals.

Pin92 Real Estate Investment Company

At Pin92 Real Estate Investment Company, our focus is on securing your financial future through savvy, data-driven real estate investments. We go beyond mere property transactions to strategically create wealth and transform communities.

Investing in High-Growth Areas: Our expert team has a keen eye for identifying emerging markets with high-growth potential. We capitalize on these opportunities to maximize your investment return. Our deep understanding of the market, together with our cutting-edge analytics, allows us to anticipate and seize promising real estate investment opportunities before they become apparent to others.

Value-Add Investments: We pursue properties with potential for significant value enhancement. Our innovative approach combines extensive industry knowledge with rigorous financial analysis to identify assets that we can transform through strategic upgrades, proactive management, and optimal capital structuring.

Sustainable Development: We’re dedicated to sustainability and responsible investment. We’re committed to investing in properties that align with sustainable development goals, to create environments that are not just profitable, but also healthy, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Long-term Wealth Creation: We consider real estate investment as a long-term journey. Whether it’s through capital appreciation or rental yield, our strategies are designed to generate robust and consistent returns over the long haul.

Partnership and Collaboration: We value our partnerships with investors, tenants, and communities. By fostering strong relationships, we achieve a synergy that allows us to create and manage outstanding properties while delivering superior results for our investors and improving the communities in which we invest.

Exclusive Marketing

Our Team’s limits are not restricted to only sales, we at PIN92 believe in being limitless. Henceforth, Team92 provides the best marketing solutions to clients’ premium projects. It has been successful so far with the marketing of many projects worth over PKR Billions.

Our marketing team’s expertise provides 360-degree solutions to your projects, giving it a holistic approach, from digital marketing to non-digital marketing, PIN92 covers it all. Our principle is to be friendly to both buyer and seller to make things more transparent and easy.


What do we do?

We are the bridge built upon trust between the buyer and sellers constructed upon trust and efficacy. In order to ensure a user-friendly experience, we cement our bond with our clients to facilitate them.

Team92 is not some other digital real-estate space, from zameen to ghar we have everything. If you are not looking for buying then not to be worried we facilitate in other sectors, from contractors to architect to building material we have all you need. Want to invest, we have the best and most secure investment opportunities. We have the best, authentic and updated database related to real-estate to accommodate our clients.

Our Mission

We never stop thinking about reshaping the
real estate future

Meet our leadership


Syed Ateeb Hussain Shah


“Through real estate, data currency, and artificial intelligence, we positively impact the next generation, people, and our community. Our remarkable efforts enable us to create opportunities, deliver incomparable value to our clients, and proudly elevate the name of Pakistan globally.”

Maham Fatima

Executive Director

“We emphasize our strong connection between real estate, data, and artificial intelligence in driving the success of Pakistan. Our team of experienced and innovative solution providers harnesses these transformative technologies to create remarkable opportunities for the next generation. We are committed to leveraging real estate insights, data intelligence, and AI capabilities to deliver the best solution.”